About the project

The goal of this database is to provide an up-to-date overview of all currently identified host galaxies of accurately-localized fast radio bursts (FRBs). It is hosted by the Fast and Fortunate for FRB Follow-up (F^4) team and serves as a front-end interface for the host galaxy data and measurements delivered by our official GitHub repository: https://github.com/FRBs/FRB GitHub
This database is intended for new users who wish to review the current status of galaxies associated with FRBs and to provide a simple and easy way to extract the basic host galaxy properties of all the to-date known FRB hosts.

Acknowledge us
To acknowledge the use of this database, please:

  • Cite the original paper(s) providing the data or measurements presented here. References can be found under each individual FRB entry.
  • Cite the main FRB host galaxy paper where this webpage was first introduced (Heintz et al. 2020, arXiv: 2009.10747).
  • Add a footnote to the FRB host galaxy database URL (frbhosts.org)

We appreciate any comments or suggestions to the contents of this webpage. We also encourage the community to send information on any new host galaxy detections or complementary data of hosts already presented here. Any comments should be sent to Kasper E. Heintz at keh14@hi.is.

The F4 team would like to thank Ask Sejsbo and the AstroSites developers for setting up the structure and layout of this webpage.

FRB host database

This database contains information about the FRB and galaxy properties of the 14 currently known host galaxies associated with accurately-localized FRBs. The most recent version of the database is available in CSV format here.

FRB R.A. Decl. Detected by DM (pc/cm3) Redshift Repeat
200430 15:18:49.52 +12:22:35.8 ASKAP 380.0 0.1600 No
20200120E 09:55:33 +69:03:55 CHIME 87.82 −0.0001 Yes
191001 21:33:24.44 -54:44:54.7 ASKAP 507.9 0.2340 No
190714 12:15:55.09 -13:01:16.0 ASKAP 504.1 0.2365 No
190711 21:57:40.63 -80:21:29.3 ASKAP 593.1 0.5220 Yes
190614 04:20:17.71 +73:42:22.9 VLA 959.2 0.60 No
190611 21:22:58.71 -79:23:49.6 ASKAP 321.4 0.3778 No
190608 22:16:04.90 -07:53:55.8 ASKAP 338.7 0.1178 No
190523 13:48:15.43 +72:28:14.4 DSA-10 760.8 0.6600 No
190102 21:29:39.72 -79:28:32.2 ASKAP 364.5 0.2913 No
181112 21:49:23.68 -52:58:15.4 ASKAP 589.0 0.4755 No
180924 21:44:25.25 -40:54:00.8 ASKAP 362.4 0.3212 No
180916 01:58:00.28 +65:42:53.0 CHIME 348.76 0.0337 Yes
121102 05:31:58.70 +33:08:52.7 Arecibo 557 0.1927 Yes